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Thread: More Bandsaw Boxes Plus

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    More Bandsaw Boxes Plus

    Here are a couple more Bandsaw boxes. I also mentioned that I do mostly crafts.
    The Gnome doors , believe it or not are a fairly good seller at $18.00. No the door does not open

    The Pull apart rockers consists of 6 pcs, fits kids 1 - 6 years - kids can take them apart and put back together - sells for $50.00 - I have 9 orders for Xmas. When the girls out grow them they use them for their dolls. If any Grandfathers are interested, I ll send them the patterns, no charge.

    Moose Business card holder is Juniper

    Kids Adirondack chairs 2 sizes - last summer sold 45 chairs - all reclaimed wood - price 22.50 and 28.00, unfinished.

    Just a sample of my work - we can't all be "fine" woodworkers.

    Thanks for letting me show them

    Jiggs Elphison
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Canary Wood.jpg   Juniper Log.jpg   Juniper Log 2.jpg   sycamore.jpg   Pull apart rockers.jpg  

    card holder.jpg   Gnome Door.jpg   Yard Chairs.jpg  

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    Neat stuff, Jiggs!

    I like the juniper branch box. Probably smells nice, too.

    What's behind the gnome's door?
    Jim D.
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    Love the pics! So creative. That log box is pretty cool, and I love the idea on the rockers!
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    Butte Montana which is 1/2 way between Purgatory and Heaven

    More Bandsaw Boxes Plus

    Jim the answer to that is - Imagination.

    I took one to a 7 year old girl last week for her birthday - told her that if she was good all day, when she went to bed and turned off her light the Gnome would go inside. If she was real quick she could turn the light on and maybe catch the Gnome going inside. Apparently she spent over an hour that night flipping her switch on and off.

    Jiggs Elphison

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    I Like all of them, nothing wrong with crafts and these are real nice..

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    I disagree, Jiggs. They all look mighty "fine" to me. Great stuff.
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    Nice work Jiggs. All the pieces are unique and look great.

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    Thanks for sharing!!
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    Great projects and even better Christmas gifts Jiggs, congratulations!

    I have a question on the gonme door there is a door knocker and a handle, did you get them from a doll's house?
    Best regards,

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    Quite the range of project there Jiggs

    All very nice!

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