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Thread: Masur Birch

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    Masur Birch

    First piece of this wood that I've turned. Got it from a good friend and it is much appreciated. Sanded thru 2000 grit and then finished with Seal-a-Cell.

    I'm not completely satisfied with the form, so your comments on that are welcomed.

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    Mark, thats some very nice looking wood. I like the form just fine. I think it shows off that grain real nice. Well done!


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    Deliciously plump!

    It invites you to think a more Southwestern shape, but the plumper shape invites it to be held and fondled.

    Nice. I like it a lot.

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    That's a very pretty piece, Mark. I agree with you on the's just quite perfect. I've gotten used to seeing you nail forms perfectly, so it seems more noticeable when you get one that's a smidgen off. To my eyes, there's a very slight rise or bump in the curve about 1/5 of the way from the bottom. I do like the plump form, though. It's a bit of a departure for you, but a good one.

    But I've gotta say, if that's the worst you've got, you need to come visit my shop. I can show you how to really mess something up.

    That gives me an idea for a fun thread... BRB
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