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Thread: itch scratched

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    itch scratched

    As most of you know, I am very happy with my Grizzly G0632 EVS lathe. However, it does have a couple minor design characteristics that I call 'irritants'. Nothing major but small stuff that could have been done better. One involves the screws holding the cover on for the two-stage belt change mechanism. The screws require an Allen wrench. Getting the wrench and removing the screws was a small irritant. So, yesterday, I bought some knobs that only require fingers to operate. Buck and a half each but worth it. I'm going to shorten the threads to make the change even faster.
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    That's a nice mod Frank, hopefully Grizzly will consider that on future models.

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    Ahhh, yankee ingenuity
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    That looks positively FACTORY, Frank! Good doin'.
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