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Thread: completed Rocker

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    completed Rocker

    Just thought I'd share a picture of my completed rocker.

    Thanks for looking

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    That looks gorgeous. A few more photos and maybe some close-ups would be nice. Also, please provide details on wood, finish etc.

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    yes. pics would be nice. Looks good
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    Good job, I agree about the pics. They would show it in its gorgeous magnificence
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    thats got alot class!!! it looks to have some of sam maloof ideals in it.. very nicely done.. more pics
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    That looks great, Ray. Add me to the "more pictures, please" list. We like pics.
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    Quote Originally Posted by larry merlau View Post
    thats got alot class!!! it looks to have some of sam maloof ideals in it.. very nicely done.. more pics
    The first thing I looked at was the joints. Looks like Sams joints would like.
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    Very nice!

    What type of wood is the red stripe on the rockers made from?
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    nice work ray!
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    Completed rocker

    The rocker is the new style Hal Taylor design made of cherry, the accents in the rockers are walnut, the back braces are laminated with cherry on the front, ash in the center and walnut on the back. I finished it with Deft step saver natural.

    Attached are more pictures
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