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Thread: Handsaw handle altering

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    Handsaw handle altering

    I picked up this disston from my other post and wanted to know if anyone ever altered their older saw handle to what they wanted? I have stripped the handle bare and made the horns pointier... Now I was going to make the grip a bit softer and maybe add some more curves to it. Does anyone have any input on this.
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    Hi Tom--yep, nothing I dislike more than uncomfy handles.

    While not directly related to what you are doing, the following link will take you to a small pictoral of shaping a new handle. Same applies within the limitations of present shape.

    Just go at it easy. Soften a little here and there. It helps to draw limit-lines before you begin. Also, it helps if there is a handle which you like in order to see the motions you may need to use the rasps/files to accomplish. Pictures, though, work in a pinch.

    Take care, Mike
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