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Thread: Holy Handplane Mecca...........

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    Holy Handplane Mecca...........

    ......... I know you will not be able to read these pages, but be careful NOT to drool on your keyboard......... you have been warned

    >> LINK <<
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    Beyond interesting. Fascinating.
    Actually, there is a 'translate' button there.
    His translation is pretty literal and takes some effort to read but still better than the traditional symbols.
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    I didn't find the translate button that Franks mentions, but what do they do exactly? Just plane those boards dead flat by hand in order show their beatiful grain to sell them? Most problaby for table tops I guess, or not?

    I didn't see any prices that I could recognize though, maybe it is better this way so I don't have a heart attack
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    Wow! I did see them using a power planer in a few of the pics, but that' some amasing handwork it looks like.
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    Late to the party, but just had to say WOW!! Looks like some good tops for old style benches, to me. <grin> Glad you shared this Stu.

    Lee Laird
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    Awesome indeed!! I couldn't find the translate button either but if you google the link, google has a translate feature.

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