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Thread: Butterfly Ornaments { For Door Prizes }

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    Butterfly Ornaments { For Door Prizes }

    I made 15 Walnut Butterfly Ornaments for door prizes for the December Meeting/ supper of The Compassionate Friends . This is a non-profit group that helps and aids people that have lost loved ones due to Cancer. My wife is a member , she ask the president last year if I could help in any way and of course yes was the answer . I hope that the drawing winners will like them ........The Butterfly means a new beginning.......
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails BUTTERFLY ORNAMENTS - 200944 (Small).JPG   BUTTERFLY ORNAMENTS - 20093 (Small).JPG   BUTTERFLY ORNAMENTS - 20092 (Small).JPG  
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    Those are really neat. It is beyond my skill level.

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    Beautiful butterflies and a really nice gesture.

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    That's some nice scroll sawin there. Any tree worth it's decorations would love to have one of those hanging on it!
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    I'll second Brent's motion. Those look great, and I'm sure the lucky recipients will appreciate them.
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    nice work marshall,, what size of blade did youuse on those? and where do you get your blades from?
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    Quote Originally Posted by larry merlau View Post
    nice work marshall,, what size of blade did youuse on those? and where do you get your blades from?
    Hey there Larry , I use only one kind Flying Dutchman Blades { I've used just about every kind on the market } on this project I used the # 1 . I usually cut at least three at a time that 1/4" material , when using BB 1/8" plywood material I'll cut 5 at a time . I have cut 5 - 1/4" at a time but its a little harder to do .... P.S. I buy my blades from Mike
    s workshop on-line , these are made in Germany and as far as I'm concerned there the best on the market { just my opinion }
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    Beautiful work. Beautiful gesture.
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    Beatiful butterflies, I'm sure that those who get them will appreciate them a lot.
    And a good action as well, nowadays world needs more of that.
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    Very nice work. I am sure folks will appreciate them. Love the detail.
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