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    Talking Morris Chair

    Well, my old Leather Big Man's Lazy Boy bit the dust. Suppose to be lifetime warranty on parts. They only wanted $485 to replace broken parts. Might just as well buy a new chair.

    I have decided to make my own Morris Chair and Ottoman.

    Does any one have a good plan for the chair and footstool set. I love mission style furniture and all the M&T joinery.

    Any help would be appreciated. I know it is not stock, but I will be building our of Black Walnut instead of White Oak. Have a lot of it on hand and almost no White Oak especially quarter sawn.

    Thanks for any help.


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    Tom, I can't help you with any design ideas, but I tell you that I will be watching the up coming build!

    Black Walnut eh, should look really nice!
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    Fine Woodworking #101 had a really nice one. I built a somewhat modified version of it a few years back. You can download a PDF of the magazine article from the FWW website.
    Jim D.
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    There's no shortage of Morris chairs out there...

    Here is a really nice variation by Jim Shaver over on the Canadian Woodworking forum -- Morris chair with a bunch of Greene+Greene elements. He based his on a Chris Shwarz plan from Pop Woodworking.

    Here is the Wood Magazine plan as well. I built a mision love seat with a Wood Magazine plan some years back. Their plans sure are detailed!

    I'm not used to working from detailed plans, personally. I find it constricting. I'd generally rather have a good set of diagrams and just wing it from that.

    have fun, post photos!
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    I think that next year I will probably build this chair: Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Real Morris Chair -small.jpg 
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    From the recently published Popular Woodworking book 'Arts and Crafts Furniture Projects':,46105&ap=1
    Cheers, Frank

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    Here's mine. Made from the article in FWW 101, with minor changes.
    Jim D.
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    Norm on New Yankee workshop built a nice looking one a while back might check out his PBS site for the plans

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    Talking My last mission style furniture. A bed...

    I promised a bed for my wife shortly after we met back in 1992. Finally got it made in 2007-2008. Most of it is slightly over sized. The head and foot caps are full 6" wide and the side rails are 8" wide all wood is full 1" thick Quarter sawn WO with some tiger striping.

    Here is a link...

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    The WOOD magazine Morris chair still looks best to my eye...

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