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Thread: Shop Upgrade - New Door

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    Shop Upgrade - New Door

    The garage door spring broke about 3 weeks ago. This time we also managed to mess up a couple of panels. We decided to get a new door, but this time with windows. The installer came today and when I came home for lunch, it was done. Makes a big difference. The door faces east and I also have a window on the south side, but had the blinds shut during these photos.

    It does not feel like a cave anymore and I have a good view of the Cascade foothills.

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    My next shop is going to be all about natural light.

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    shucks just run into it again and get more windows or ricochet of the south wall hard enough to get more light in there
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    I'm all for natural light. That's the good news. Windows need cleaning. That's the bad news.

    I'm glad you have a great addition and know you will enjoy it.


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    I'm sure you'll enjoy the improvement.

    Who was the member here who built a passive solar glass wall in front of his shop/garage door? As I recall he could open it up and really let the light in while keeping the weather out.
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