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    There have been several posts lately regarding the cyclone, especially the Dust Deputy.

    Has any had any experience with this product. Their "answer" to the Dust Deputy is $87.00 plus freight

    I originally found them on E-bay.

    Jiggs Elphison

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    I have one and also have the Mini CV06 by Clear Vue, later is not being sold at this time.

    The Dust Deputy is a very good cyclone for its size, for $60 you get just the cyclone, you have to make a base, attach it to something and you are ready to go. Making the base is nothing a circle with a hole in the center, I used 3/4 MDF.

    I have mine on a 5 gal. HD bucket.

    It works very well with my shop vac on the sander, table saw, brand saw and as a general clean up vac for the shop. It will not handle a planer, it is just to much for it.

    It does not get out as much dust as the CV06 but it is very close.

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