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Thread: Arizona woodworkers, great deal on some maple.

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    Thumbs up Arizona woodworkers, great deal on some maple.

    I'd jump on this except 1) the budget is a little tight and 2) no place to store it. A little over 600 bdft of quilted maple $250.

    "Up for sale is a large selection of birdseye maple lumber. I have 280 board feet of ½ inch and 260 board feet of ¾ inch. Also 68 board feet of 1 ¾. It is all good quality with lots of eyes."

    here's the link if anyone wants to jump on it.
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    That was a deal whoever ended up with it Don, too bad you didn't have storage for it.

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    As of 12:55 MST, the posting has been deleted--must have sold it quickly.

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