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Thread: Sequoia and Yosemite

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    Sequoia and Yosemite

    I hadn't realized how much gets covered here every week until now. Just got back from five days camping at Sequoia and Yosemite. I don't know if I have time to catch up, I think I'll just consider all those posts as lost in time.

    It was a guys' trip, I took our two exchange students from Mongolia and Bolivia. I am always awed by the Sequoias and the sheer beauty of Yosemite and will find any excuse to go camping. BTW this was tent camping, freezing at night and never over 40° F (4.5° C) under the trees at camp.... hehehe

    After visiting the big trees we made it up to Nevada Falls and Upper Yosemite Falls. Here are some pics.

    Sequoia trees
    Click image for larger version. 

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    The guys
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    Great pics and great scenery Dan, thanks for posting, Yosemite, Yellowstone, The Grand Canyon, and the British Columbia are places I'd like to visit and hike around some day.
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    Nice pictures !!
    That is one big tree
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    Haven't been to Yosemite in over 30 years... when I lived in Bay Area used to make regular trips up there... lots of good memories and beautiful scenery. Never camped in tent.. first wife's idea of roughing it was a cabin with no TV. We usually stayed at Camp Curry cabins.
    Although we did a couples trip - without the kids - and stayed at the Ahwanee one weekend... that was a spectacular trip.
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    Great photos Dan. I hope to make it out there this next year to see it in person. My wife and I are wanting to drive up the entire coast some day. Thanks for posting!

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    Great pictures and even better gesture on your part Dan Thanks for sharing. Those guys must have felt at home in that weather.

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    Sounds like a great trip Dan! My in-laws were there this year. In fact we watched their slide shows yesterday after dinner. The turkey was having it's way with my eyelids. Beautiful beyond belief - I hope to get there someday.


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    Awesome pics Dan, that is one of the must see places on my bucket list Good on you for showing your exchange students a life time memory

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    I live in the state and still haven't ever made to either Yosemite or Sequoia National Park. I really need to get up there. Sounds like you and the boys had a great time, Dan.
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    that's awesome. Only trips I've done in the Yosimite area have been backpacking trips about 10 miles in from the hetch hetchy dam. Awesome country. Haven't been backpacking though since we got the camper. I'm thinking this next year will be time to change that... Thanks for the wonderful reminder!
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