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Thread: Thin NE Yellow Eucalyptus

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    Thin NE Yellow Eucalyptus

    I've been busy trying to get some pieces finished up for a holiday market thing I'm doing this weekend and next, but I figured I should get some pics of things before I pack them up. I'll show the various pieces over the next few days.

    This one is yellow eucalyptus, about 9" x 7", and the wings are between 3 1/4" to 5 1/4" high. It warped so much while drying that there wasn't much wood left by the time I got it trued back up. The walls are about 1/8" thick, although they thicken up a bit towards the bottom. I burned the rim to highlight it a bit. The finish is buffed Formby's Tung Oil Finish. I used Don Pencil's PL compound instead of tripoli, and I'm really liking the results I get with it.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Wow, beautiful Vaughn. It looks delicate and sophisticated.
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    She's a beauty Vaughn

    I bet you will "WOW" them at this show to, and I hope people are in the buying mood!
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    Beatiful and really delicate, I like the thinness of the walls.

    Great job Vaughn!!
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    Beautiful piece Vaughn. Delicate and finish looks great.
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    Really Nice Work & Wood.
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    That is definitely an artsy piece. I like it a lot and suspect it will appeal to a lot of folks who view your work. I guess that's the first piece of yellow eucalyptus I've seen - looks good!
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    Such a slim and sleek body. She is beautiful.

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    Simply beautiful. You just have it. The whole package in that one. Words just dont describe it and your photography really does it justice.

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    Ditto the "delicate" comments. I like the form, definitely stands alone.
    I also dig the unnatural natural edge.
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