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Thread: Hardwood lumber suppliers?

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    Hardwood lumber suppliers?

    I'm getting ready to start my kitchen remodel and was searching for some rough cut cherry. The 2 local suppliers in Houston want to much for the quality of lumber they have. I've found a supplier on the internet that has very good prices but was wondering if anyone here has bought wood off of the internet.

    I also searched for local sawmills but found only one about 50 miles from the house. The trip was actualy very pleasant and seemed like a shorter drive than if I went into Houston to the other 2 suppliers I was talking about. This mill didn't have any cherry but I saw some pecan 4/4 for $3.85 bdft.

    Any thoughts here on using pecan? Anyone know of anyother sawmills or hardwood lumber suppliers in the Houston Area? Loml doesn't care what type of wood just wants me to get started.
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    I find that when I go to some of the hardwood lumber dealers on the west coast, I suffer from a bit of sticker shock at the prices they want.

    I've ordered on-line before. Quite a few 'UPS Bundles'. Did my first freight delivery of 500 bf of lumber just recently.

    I think you'll find that the guys that live in the parts of the country with a lot of hardwood growing around will find deals on it that will make your head spin. Kind of a supply and demand thing. They've got a lot of supply, and can get wood dirt cheap.

    Out here, that's not necessarily the case, so the price of the lumber goes up, as does the shipping.
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    alan yu could drive up and see me i got alittle cherry but seriously i have seen some pecan cabs and they were sharp.. i havnt worked with it so cant tell you the good or the bad traits.. steve bellinger has done some work with it maybe he can chime in here.. i know shaz had some good suppliers near him but he hasnt been on here in some time so maybe if you can get his phone number yu can get some answers also norman hitt is in the texas area..
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    Yusta use it years ago. what I remember is that it is a HARD wood and take care to make light cuts, Tends to burn similar to cherry. But the results are a loverly piece of wood. Looks almost dead on Hickory. (Oops, aren't they in the same family? Kissin' cousins) )

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    Alan yea pecan is IMO a really sharp looking wood and make some sharp looking cabs. It is related to hickory and around here they sell it as hickory. One thing you have to make sure of, is make sure your bits are really sharp,as it will dull them real quick.Or at least that is what it's been like for me.As far as i'm concerned it is well worth it.You can't get better looking cabs than with pecan(hickory)

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    Well, I paid $1.25 a board foot for the last Cherry I bought...but you don't live where it grows, so I'd expect you to pay a lot more for it. When I lived in SoCal, cherry was around $8.50 a foot.

    In SoCal, I paid about two bucks a foot for Alder - almost the cheapest wood there was available there - but here in Ohio, they want $6.00 for it. No sale - I'll use cherry.

    I've never used pecan, but the furniture I've seen made from it was sure nice looking.
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    I guess it will be pecan then. Weather permiting I will pickup 250bd.ft. this coming saturday and start posting the build. Thanks again for everyones input on this !

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