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Thread: Bailey #5 rehab

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    Bailey #5 rehab

    several years ago, I went on a buying spree on eBay. Purchased some planes that looked good. Some were ok, some were NOT ok.

    Lately I have decided to try a few rehabs. This one was done by soaking in CLR and thing using WD40 with 200 and 400 grit wet/dry black sand paper and a lot of work. It is NOT all beautiful and shinning but it's ok for me.

    I am reasonably happy.

    I got my new Woodcraft magazine yesterday. They had a "article" and a advertisement for their new A2 plane blade replacements.

    So it was a good excuse to try on. the blade in the Bailey #5 was just the old standard blade.

    I installed the new blade in the plane. NO prep. I am very impressed. I think I still have some fine tuning, but is a very usable plane, that someday will find the right piece of wood and project in my shop.

    Sorry no pictures of shavings, I forgot that.

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    Nice restore!

    The heavy casting, hard rubber adjuster, and stained wood knob & tote tell me it's a WWII (Type 17) model. I particularly like them for their heavier castings and their resultant heft.

    Yours has the frog adjustment screw. Many Type 17's didn't have that, so yours is likely an 'early' 17. (Made 1942~1945).

    In your pix, the front of the Pinnacle blade seems to have some prominent machining marks. How smoothly was the back factory honed? Did you have to do a lot of work on it? Just curious, after reading about them in the Woodcraft magazine I got today.
    Jim D.
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    WOW, Thanks Jim.

    I guess I have a little better plane than I thought.

    I will get you some detail pictures of the remainder of the blade.

    I think the other picture that will be of interest is the clearance in the opening.

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    I have that same #5 corrigated sole plane. I haven't upgraded the iron yet. At some point I'm sure I will. I know Hock also makes replacements as well.

    I'll have to check out that replacement iron. Thanks!
    We create with our hands in wood what our mind sees in thought.
    Disclosure: Formerly was a part-time sales person & instructor at WoodCraft in Buffalo, NY.

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    Great job! Love all the pics. Planes can become addicting. I too have acquirerd a number of them, many that needed restoration. If you have time to play around, you might want to try electrolytic rust removal. (if you google that phrase, you'll find plenty info on it) I've also had great success with red, then gray Scotchbrite pads & WD-40.

    Be careful,'s a slippery slope & you appear to be standing at the very edge ready to topple over. I keep telling myself, I am NOT a collector...I am NOT a collector.
    I'm a user (plane user, folks). I simply need lots of them. After all, if there weren't a lot of different uses for them, would they have made lots of different types & sizes??? Enjoy using it & show us more as you get them done.

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