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Thread: new kitchen design phase one

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    new kitchen design phase one

    Well here is my first attempt at using sketchup. Haven't quite mastered it like some of the rest of you but it should get me going. The doors on the cabinets will be raised panel. All of the base cabinets will be drawers. The tall cabinet next to where the refrig will go will have pullout shelves for canned goods and such.The 2 tall cabs to the right is where the computer will be and will quite possibly put glass doors on the upper cabinets right there. All doors will be inset with a beaded edge around them.
    new kitchen.skp
    Not quite sure how to get just the drawing to post without opening up sketchup

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    good work alan! in order to post a pic from sketchup, you would want to export a 2d image, then edit the image down to a size that you can post.
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    Here ya go Alan, here it is as a jpeg.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    File,Export, 2d,jpeg
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    Lots of angles to play with there! I'd say you've got the hang of Sketchup pretty good!
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    Just checking to see if I could upload the drawing without sketchup.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	new kitchen1 (800 x 449).jpg 
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    I also added a few more details to it.

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    must be you got caught up at work so you can work on your own stuff now huh Alan
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    alan, do you plan to leave the doors on those 3 sections of cabinet that go full height 60" tall. that is kind of a tall door and with inset doors you don't want warpage and a cabinet door that tall can tend to warp. if you insist on building them that tall i would suggest a mid rail.

    another option would be to split those cabinets even with the bottom rails on the other uppers.

    just my 2 cents. those angles will be lots of fun. sketchup should help though.

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    I still haven't decided what I'm going to do on those Chris. I need to talk to loml more and see if she prefers it open on the bottom for her cookie jars or maybe even her cook books. I do believe she wants glass doors on those cabinets.

    Sketchup is very new to me so you won't be seeing a drawing showing the doors as I haven't mastered that yet. This gives me a fairly acurrite drawing with some dimensions to help with my takeoff.

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