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Thread: Ramone Burl

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    Ramone Burl

    That's what it was labeled anyway... it looks like Maple to me, but this little chunk of wood was very heavy and dry as a desert bone. The dust was very irritating to my eyes and nose. It is definitely not Maple. It was hard on the bit in my boring bar, too, as I had to sharpen several times before the hollowing was done. My first experience with this wood. Comments, suggestions, critiques all welcomed.

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    Beautiful. It is amazing how you managed to keep the mouth opening intact.

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    Awesome piece, Mark. I agree with Mohammad...I like the fact that you were still able to define the mouth despite the gaping hole in the side.
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    Yep I agree, awesome piece Mark Not being a turner I can't understand why that it didn't blow into lots of pieces with the side hole and the opening you made so close together Glad it didn't because it really looks good

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    Mark your work is always amazing but my favorite is still this one.

    I just cannot get that image out of my head. Its the cover of a nice thick art book on turning for the coffee table.

    Between you Vaughn and Chas and a few others i cant think of right now i think a great book of images could be composed for printing.

    Hey guys even a calendar. These pictures are art on their own.

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    First thing, start using an enclosed face shield with filtered air. It doesn't matter what wood is causing it, you are alergic. That stuff can kill ya! Don't mean to be so sharp, but WE want you around and not having to go through all the treatments caused by not using one.

    I didn't use one at first. but after having a little trouble with some of the exotics I love, I bought one. Now I won't turn without it.

    Now to the good part. That HF is OUTSTANDING!!!

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    Amazing Mark, beautiful
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    Incredibly beautiful.
    As a newer turner I wonder, how many pieces with voids did you destroy while practicing your technique? Any tips?
    I love making wood spin while I poke it with sharp metal objects.

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    Wonderful work.

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