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Thread: New Shop

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    New Shop

    Just getting started with setting up a new (first) workshop. Hope this is the right forum to post a question? So here it goes.

    The space is approx 18 X 22 in a larger basement. Ceiling height is about 9 ft. I need to add lighting and was wondering if there was a rationale for CFL vs fluorescent strips?

    I will post pictures as I progress; but appreciate any advice

    Sal Cangialosi

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    first of all Sal welcome. Glad you plan on posting progress picture cause that will keep the picture police happy.

    Interms of lighting the best way to say this is the more the better. I run 3 4 foot florescent fixtures each one has 4 tubes in it all that in a 10'x20' shop my larger shop needs more lighting
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    run T8'S, the T12's are gonna be discontinued in the near future. i had four 8ftrs in a 24x24x7 shop and had a white ceiling. had good light and went with twice that in the larger shop.
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    +1 on T-8's. I run fifteen 4 ft. dual lamp fixtures in a 21 x 31 shop.
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    Welcome Sal!
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    My shop is 26 X 32, and I have eight two-tube eight footers in there, and a couple of two-tube four footers for close-up lighting, like over my bench. Nicely bright in there.
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    Welcome Sal!!! Congrats on the new shop. I remodeled a building this summer and am enjoying the fruits of that labor this fall! I painted my ceiling gloss white and my shop is 24x24, currently I have 3 of the T8's Larry mentioned. I plan on three more, strategically placed. I figure I can put in switches and shut off the extra but can't have to much light for some jobs.

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    Wow, thank you for the welcome and replies. Didn't think I would get this many opinions this quickly. It is much appreciated.

    I have an electrician coming over today and will discuss the T8's as it seems to be the consensus

    Sal Cangialosi

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    Sal, welcome to the Family!

    More light is better, my Dungeon has NO natural light, hey, that is why I call it a "Dungeon" so I have a LOT of lights, 14' x 22' space, I have I think 18 or 20 four footers in there, plus task lighting on the lathe, and drill press, also under my wood rack, where my chop saw lives.

    More is always better, put them on banks, maybe three or four, so if you do have a nice bright day, maybe you only need to turn on some of the lights.

    Also, if you work at night, make sure you have one set of lights that will NOT go off if you trip the main breaker, or you could be plunged into darkness, holding a piece of wood, near a fast spinning sharp piece of steel

    Just a thought!

    I have one bank of lights that are on a line I ran from the main panel, that does not go through my Dungeon sub panel, just in case

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    First a big WELCOME to the family Sal. Don warned you on the picture police and i would take notice of his warning, they gonna get you if you post again an there aint no pics.

    On the light side i second the T8's and also electronic balasts. Cost a bit more but you dont get the buzzing when you do want the shop to be quiet. There are times its nice to have the radio off and listen to the swoosh of a plane without the noise of a balast.

    I thought i had a great deal of light but need even more.

    I have a shop that is 21x17 interior size and have 4 tandem 4ft tube fittings down one side.Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Shop lights  at last.jpg 
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ID:	39781 That is 16 4ft tubes. Still not enough in my opinion when its dark outside. But i will use local lights now for additional work light.

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