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Thread: I don't know if this is right place for this but

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    I don't know if this is right place for this but

    I was moving some stuff in the shop last week and discovered I had a bottle stopper mandrel/screw chuck from PSI... it's a 3/4 x 16tpi... won't fit either of my lathes...
    I think I bought it for the Ridgid that I started on, but not sure if I ever used it... it's still in the box.

    Since I've sold the Ridgid, have no need for this... if anyone wants or needs a bottle stopper mandrel send me a PM and I'll get it off in the mail next week...
    It will be Monday or Tuesday before I get to the post office... getting ready for a show this Saturday and not planning on going into town until next week.

    This thread is closed... the mandrel has been gifted and in on it's way to a new home... hope it serves the new owner well.. can't say if it did me or not... I'm not sure if I had an opportunity to use it or not.
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