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Thread: Had our first freeze of the fall last night

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    Had our first freeze of the fall last night

    Got down to 29.7 decrees last night, thats -2 C for you metric folks. But it did heat up to a balmy 63 Degrees today.
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    In Toronto, we had our first snow last night (minimal). I am told that November 2009 is the first November since 1937 that there has been no snow in Toronto.
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    Did I see signs of ICE scraping from the windshields this AM... ECCH!
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    Well Frank beat me to it. Yup we had snow in Richmond Hill. Very little though but it showed its face and was gone by sunrise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Don Baer View Post
    Got down to 29.7 decrees last night, thats -2 C for you metric folks. But it did heat up to a balmy 63 Degrees today.
    We got rain again... got down to 41 degrees but now that daylight has arrived (daylight no sunlight though ) it warmed up to 46 and will reach 54 by afternoon...
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    You are not only weeks behind us in experiencing a hard frost but last week I was working at a hospital in Pullman, WA. The parking lot had been plowed due to 4" of heavy snow.

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    Surprisingly no snow yet down in the Southern part of the state but the northern part has had a few snow storms. We have had quite a few frosts though. I'm about 900 feet above sea level where I live so its usually colder than other southern parts of the state.
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    We're planning to go cut a tree on Saturday.... First time in 8 years or more that there is no snow -- and not likely there will be any by the weekend
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    17 Degrees here in Boise this morning. Burr.
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    Dang! We had our first snow the first week of October Kind of a kick in the pants, but it's been above normal ever since. Now they're talking about "nasty cold weather" which means normal Nebraska temps in the teens at night and 30s and 40s in the day time. Who ever came up with the wind chill temp should have his arse kicked severely

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