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Thread: Jet 1442vs lathe

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    Jet 1442vs lathe

    Jet 1442 lathe for sale.
    Variable speed 450rpm – 3000 rpm
    42” between centers
    1 hp motor wired for 110 can be converted to 220
    Includes faceplate, live center, spur center, tool rest, tool rest extension, knockout bar, index pin, wrench.
    $750.00 contact or call 615-973-3336 for more information
    Mount Juliet, TN - near Nashville, TN
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    Hey Jeff, I think your best chances for selling will be to someone near you, so it'd help folks if they knew your location.
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    Area code 615 is Nashville TN. I once had an LP by the band called "Area Code 615"

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    Location of Jet 1442 lathe

    Jet 1442 lathe is located in Mount Juliet, TN near Nashville, TN. Thanks for the heads up!

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    Jet 1442 lathe - sold!

    Jet 1442 lathe is sold

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