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Thread: Finishing with Sanding Sealer

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    Unhappy Finishing with Sanding Sealer

    My Father likes to use Colony Sanding Sealer and was able to get it years ago but can't seem to find it anywhere now. Any ideas as to where to find it or a good replacement to use?

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    I use Zinnser SealCoat as a sealer and also as a topcoat on some projects. It's a de-waxed shellac in a 2lb cut that can be cut to a 1.5lb or 1lb cut depending on how you want to use it.
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    if your using lacquer, they still make a sealer that is basically lacquer with some sanding agents in it to allow for easier sanding till you get the build your after then switch to regular lac for your final coats.
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    I do the same as Bill. I have three squeeze bottles of Seal Coat handy at all times; out of the can 2lb cut, 50/50 with DNA and 25/75 Seal Coat/DNA for a sealer. Very handy.
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