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Thread: Well...I got lucky i guess..........

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    Well...I got lucky i guess..........

    Earlier in the week Amazon had a computer foul-up and the prices of some items were listed REALLY low....unreasonably low, actually. Two of the items were 10-packs of Bosch 7 1/4" CS blades, 18 tooth and 40 tooth.

    I put each of them in my cart and checked out, wanting to see if they would actually go through. This has happened before with a different blade but when I checked out there was a discrepancy in the item listing between my check out page and the items listing page and I really didn't know if I was going to receive a single blade or a 10-pack. I ended up receiving a single blade. It was still a good price for the single blade.

    Anyway, this time, the orders went through and I waited to see if I would receive a "Sorry, there was an error......" email. To make a long story short, the "Sorry" email never came but some other stuff happened with a couple of phone calls and stuff and the 10-pack of 40 tooth blades disappeared from my order.

    But today, I got a visit from the big brown ruck and what was inside the box?

    A 10 pack of 18 tooth Bosch 7 1/4" blades........................for $7.69

    I"m calling Amazon tomorrow to tell them about the mistake and see what they want me to do. I"m never very lucky but even still, I"m getting something I didn't pay for.

    Oh well, maybe I'll go buy a lottry ticket.
    Thanks, Mark.

    Custom Bonehead.

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    What a deal! My money says that they will say to keep the blades and that it is no problem. They seem like a pretty good outfit. It would probably be more of a problem for them to fiddle with it than it is worth to them. Well, I am usually wrong with guessing games so we will see. The result is something to look forward to.

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