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Thread: Its friday so wacha all got planned

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    Thumbs up Its friday so wacha all got planned

    Im a little late gewtting this posted.
    I'm gonna try to get some shop time in if I'm able. Pulled a groin muscle a week ago and it ain't gettin any better so I may have to pretty much take it easy. Church on Sunday morn.
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    Working on the bed for my granddaughter. Snow coming Sat PM and Sun AM so probably just stay close on Sunday.
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    Have an Xmas party tonight to attend. Hopefully selling a car tomorrow. Installing the Fireplace/Entertainment center base and top tomorrow or Sunday. Cleaning up the garage Sunday. Sunday dinner with the kids as usual.

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    Dinner at LOML's dads tonight sans child, maybe a cold one on the way home too...

    Tomorrow, heading to the sticks to a friends shack with a few guys to make a fire, drink some beer and get away from them girls. Might be a little cold out, but looking forward to it.

    Sunday, hopefully waking up without to bad of a headache and then family time. First snow might be on the way that night too.
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    My Shrine Club and Legion of Honor (Shrine veterans) are having our annual Christmas Party and installation dinner.
    I will be installed as Commander of the LOH. Get to wear eagles on my shoulders and everything.
    Sunday a.m., church, then later a group of us are going to Blanchard Springs Caverns (one of Arkansas' real treasures) for the annual Christmas Carols Chorus in the Caverns. We have never attended before. The caverns should be a real impressive backdrop for the singing and (I'm told) the sound of the singing sorta self-amplifies in the caverns. No electronic sound equipment needed. Afterwards we are all going to an area restaurant for catfish dinner and camaraderie.
    I'm looking forward to it. Believe this will be a very fine kick-off for the Christmas season. We even gave up attending our state party-of-preference annual convention. And it should be a rip snorter, lotsa controversial things happening. It's not often I pass a chance to jump in the mud pit and do some groin kicking and eye clawing (figuratively and politically speaking).
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    Tonight I'm going to try to get the rest of LOML outdoor Christmas lights put up and powered, and I have a few pens I need to get finished up before Saturday.

    Saturday and Sunday I'll be once again trying to sell my wares at an indoor Holiday Market in Northridge. Last weekend was's hoping there will be better crowds this weekend.
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    Picking up 250bdft of pecan tomorrow from the sawmill.

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    finishing the swap project and few others stacked up in the finish room. get them done and ready to go then its on to bigger and better..
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    Watch the NASCAR Awards Ceremonies tonight. Yay, Jimmy!!!

    Sleep in a little followed by a good breakfast, then set up our holiday decorations. Dinner at Ruby Tuesday.

    Sleep in a lot, then I'll prepare brunch for us as usual. As for the rest of the day, well this is a family site!
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    waiting for the new capacitor to show up, so that i can finish up the stuff for the craft show. once that's in, drill the holes for the tealights, drill the holes for, and turn the 6 sample pens and pencils. then keep an eye open for possible employment.
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