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Thread: Cherry Natural Edge w/Lichen

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    Cherry Natural Edge w/Lichen

    This came from a big old cherry that got in the way of construction at Fort Eustis VA. My Arborist friend saved himself a $34/ton landfill fee by leaving it in my driveway . Roughly 10" x 5" with 1/2" walls. Two coats of Watco, buffed and Renaissance waxed. I like the way the Lichens hung in there through the turning process...just adds another dimension to the natural edge.
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    That is a real beautiful bowl.. Wish I had a friend like yours... I have the driveway!
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    Beautiful bowl Ted. That is a friend that one wants to keep.
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    That's a great piece of work, Ted. The lichens are a cool bonus.
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    Well done Ted.
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    Thats a sweet cherry bowl!
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