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Thread: What a Show!

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    What a Show!

    And it only just started! I've become quite a NASCAR fan over the past decade and have followed Jimmy Johnson since he first entered the Cup series. His record is now history.

    I'm currently watching the Cup Awards ceremony and am equally impressed with the quality of the entertainment as I have been with the performance of the #48 team all year. If you've never watched one of these shows, you should see this one. If you miss it, oh darn!!!
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    I agree Bill, a lot of people were critical about moving it from NY to Vegas but from what I can tell it was a good move.
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    Great show for sure, at least what I was able to stay awake for. Ending at 1 am Michigan time is just to late for me I believe it is replayed again, I will look for that. Me being a Jr. fan it is a bummer he was the only one in the Hendrick camp that didn't make the chase but congrats to Jeff, Mark and Jimmie for a 1, 2, 3 finish and Jimmie for 4 consecutive championshps

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