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Thread: Model locomotive

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    Model locomotive

    Hello, I was reading the new issue of wood magazine and seen a locomotive in there that someone made as a gift. This got me thinking of maybe trying to make one. Before ordering the plans, is there anyone who has built one? What tools would be required to make it? This might actually work as a reason for a new tool.

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    I'm sure Travis Johnson will "pull into the station", and help ya out He's been around a few in his days...

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    Thanks Greg for the kind words...

    Yes I have made quite a few wooden models of trains. I am not sure but I think the number is around seven or eight. My differ from that of the one made in Wood Magazine of course, but models are relatively easy to make, require only a few tools and really just take a lot of patience, time and creativity. The great thing is, you always get better.

    I wish I had more time to write, but atlas I am headed out the door to go snowmobiling and thus do not have much time. Still I can leave you a few links regarding some of the models I have made in the past and a rather unique wooden cradle in the shape of a locomotive made for my first daughter Alyson.

    As for tools, because you are making miniture pieces of wood, I found a RAS, bandsaw, scrollsaw, sander, drill press are my go-to machines not counting a few powered hand tools. Myself I would make sure you put the models in a case though. This keeps out dust and these things are a pain to keep clean.

    Sorry I can't write more. I will try later in the weekend, or feel free to email me. I love to share and am more than willing to share my techiniques to get others involved in this wonderful side niche of woodworking.

    Train Cradle

    Wooden Models
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