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Thread: Mixture of Ornaments

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    Mixture of Ornaments

    I thought that I was ahead on some of the ornaments until I found out that the wife had sold just all that I had made up extra . Well I guess I'm going to have to start trying to make up penty for family and to sell from now on . This is my plan from now on , have penty of 4x4x stock of Walnut that can be milled up .......any comments welcome............Marshall
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Copy of ORNAMENTS - 20091 (Medium).JPG   ORNAMENT - 20092 (Small).JPG   ORNAMENT - 20091 (Small).JPG   ORNAMENTS - 20093 (Medium).JPG   ORNAMENTS - 20096 (Medium).JPG  

    ORNAMENTS - 200910 (Medium).JPG   ORNAMENTS - 20098 (Medium).JPG  
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