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Thread: My Dad's Christmas Train

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    My Dad's Christmas Train

    These pics were snapped yesterday just before we put our Christmas tree up. It's been a tradition to put it around our tree for several years now. My father got this train as a Christmas gift when he was a young boy, and gave it to me shortly after I was married in the early 80's. It's pre-WWII era Lionel O-gauge...likely 1939 or 1940 but I'm not exactly sure. It's incredibly well made and very heavy compared to other O-gauge trains we have, which are also fairly old. It's the only locomotive in our fleet of 4 that's heavy and strong enough to pull all 17 cars that we can string together. I always liked the train as a kid, and thought it made for a pretty neat Christmas tradition as an adult. It became even more special after Dad passed away in 2000...he seemed so pleased to pass it on to "his oldest son".

    If any of you have ever given thought to getting into the Christmas train tradition, I strongly urge you do it. We fill the gondola cars with candy, and the flat cars with candy canes. We have a "Choo-choo Charlie" engineer's cap and a little village set that the kids like to play with. It's been a major kiddie magnet since they were little, and I'll know they'll treasure the memories when they're older too.

    Feel free post your trains here too! I'd love to see them.

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    TRADITIONS are good scott and to many of them have been set aside ..glad to see you are keeping one and i am sure your family will appreciate it as well. so will DAD.
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    I've thought about trains, but never yet "dared" to look at yet another hobby, and the kids have not been that into it either. I never really thought of it as a "temporary thing" though... you just put these out during the Christmas season?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Art Mulder View Post
    ... I never really thought of it as a "temporary thing" though... you just put these out during the Christmas season?
    Yep...gone by New Years (or so) It's not impressive compared to a full blown permanent layout, but it's always fun to bring them out, plus you avoid the expense and time of a hobby.
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    Very cool Scott. I always liked those big trains!
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    I've got some track and train engine and cars that are bigger than the O scale that run on batteries. Just can't imagine putting it around the tree with 7 Irish Setters in the house! Probably need to get this to one of the nieces or nephew's houses for them to use. Jim.
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    Brings back memories of the metal tinsel falling on the tracks and shorting out the trains causing them to suddenly reverse. I can smell the ozone now from the wheels arcing on the tracks. Ah the good ol days.

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    You bring back a great many memories with those trains Scott. Makes me feel a little melancholy. Trains have always been in our family. But we didnt put them out at Xmas we played with them all year round.

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