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Thread: Delta starting problem

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    Unhappy Delta starting problem

    Does anyone out there own a Delta 36-600 table saw?
    I brought one a couple of years ago second hand and had to replace the little timing belt immediately as the teeth has been stripped off it. At the time I put this down to the fact that the previous owner has used it for cutting firewood and thought it had probably had a hard life, as the blade was very blunt and covered in pitch. I have since replaced the belt twice, and have not put a lot of wood through it.
    When I switch the saw on, it is up to speed within about half a second. Do all these saws accelerate at this rate, or is there something wrong with the motor on mine in that it does not have a softer start over maybe a couple of seconds. This must put enormous stresses on the belt.


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    Are the teeth in good shape on the pulleys and motor shaft? Are they aligned properly as in the bearings not worn out. The saw starting that quick is normal.

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    That does sound like normal starting speed. Just imagine the stresses placed on that belt when you're ripping oak!
    -- Tim --

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    I agree with Allen and Tim...a tablesaw typically gets up to speed pretty darned quickly. Half a second sounds about right.

    By the way, I'm guessing you've replaced the dull blade?
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    Dallas I own a Delta 36-650 which I think is similar. I used a llink belt on it and never had a problem. I'm not getting a clear picture what you are talking about "little timing belt" .

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    I had an old 34-670 and used to have to replace the drive belt on a regular basis. Once the little ribs started breaking, I could hear the difference in the start-up sound. That little saw wasn't near enough saw for what I was doing.

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    Sounds like Kirk has hit the nail on the head. This must be an ongoing problem with early Delta's. When I read user reviews before buying this saw, this problem was never mentioned.
    In answering Fred's question regarding the "little belt", the motor armature shaft and saw blade shaft are in the same housing and the belt connects the two of them via timing pulleys. The saw does not use the conventional vee belt pulleys.
    And yes Vaughn, I did replace the blade when I first got it with a good one.

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