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Thread: Fixed It!

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    Fixed It!

    If you have some time to waste, have a look at this site...

    Ingenuity at its finest.
    When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. - Hunter S. Thompson
    When the weird get going, they start their own forum. - Vaughn McMillan

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    That's it Vaughn. Find a piece of wood, any piece of wood. . . hahahahahaha. The resourcefulness and foolishness of human beings is always a good source of funny stuff.
    Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
    - Arthur C. Clarke

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    Oh Vaughn this reminded me of that guy called McGiver. I am sure you know who i am refering to.

    Well seeing these pics brought back a saying we have in our house. My wife Linda she says "just McGiver it" as a phrase.

    If i dont then she will do her own McGiver stunt.

    So one day back in Sa we had a pool and i come home to find the pool vac pipe leading out the kitchen window into the pool. I think thats strange we normally would fill the pool with the hose. Oh well there must be something wrong with the hose.

    Well Linda had done the good old McGiver stunt. See the tap in the kitchen had a washer that failed while i was at work. She had to go out and could not find the water main and could not shut the water off so she took the vac hose and tied it to the tap with a dishcloth and left the tap to trickle fill the pool.

    I found it most funny and this post reminded me of the incident. Not the last one she has done either. You need a resourceful wife if you do a great deal of travelling like i used to do. Aint much you can do when you in a foreign country far away and the inevitable happens back at home.

    Thanks for the humor i needed it after today.

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    I've got that one, and "People of WalMart" on my daily funnies list to check.

    Always good to start the day with a bit of a smile....
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