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Thread: I hate to ask this....

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    I hate to ask this....

    How long do your normally keep an end grain cutting board clamped up? It is in a warm environment. I am thinking about 8 hours.

    Secondly, how much should one charge for a board like Wood Whisperer's? I am thinking $35 range.

    Reason I ask the last, is I am making some for gifts and neighbor lady seen them and wants some made. Hence the reason for the glue up times.

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    havnt made a end grain board but have glued up a fair amount of panels and a hour is sufficient enough to run threw a drum sander or a shaper or router least i have had luck to do so..if you can leave them over night you definatly safe...priceing will have to come form others here.
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    With most PVA glue - the yellow wood glue - the clamps can come off after an hour or so, but the full strength isn't achieved until 24 hours or more.

    I take the clamps off to go on to another piece, but don't consider the joint dry and strong until the next day - and the moisture won't be out for several days, so (in other situations) don't sand for several days, or a low area will appear as the moisture dries from the glue if you sand flat too soon.
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    I've sold a few end grain boards and I usually charge in the 35 dollar range depending on the size. Most I have made are usually between 9.5 to 13 inches wide and 15 to 18 inches long.

    I've made one in a weekend before. I started early Saturday and got the first glue up done. I then cut it and did the second glue up late that afternoon. I let it set over night and most of the second day and finished it late Sunday afternoon. I don't like doing it this way but it was a rush job. As far as I know it's still holding up.

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    Thanks for the advise. I figured I was a little long on the time.

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    If it's really well fitted... it doesn't actually need clamping at ALL. You CAN make a rubbed joint with PVA, and its' every bit as strong & thin as a clamped joint. Very often stronger, even, since there's little risk of glue starvation in a rubbed joint.

    That's if it's really well fitted & true.
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