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Thread: Choosing a slider?

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    Choosing a slider?

    I know, not another thread about which is better. I'll try and be brief.

    I've found that I'm in need of a sliding compound mitre saw more and more often. With that being said there are only a few options out there that even seem remotely worth purchasing.

    I'm looking at either the Makita 7-1/2", or the Hitachi 8-1/2" model. My question actually is how important is it to have a saw that bevel cuts to the right? I can't actually think of a reason off the top of my head, but these are the only two that offer small blades, which for a whole list of reasons other than vertical capacity are so much better than a larger blade.

    I've used both, but I'm leaning towards the Makita. After doing nothing for most of the year, and all of the sudden being busy the last few months I need to either spend some money or lose it to uncle sam.
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    I have had the Dewalt 8 1/2" for 3 or 4 years and love it. Never had a touch of trouble with it.
    The only complaint I have with any of these saws is that its almost impossible to have an efficient dust collection system work with it. I have a shop vac connected to the saws dust chute and my DC connected to a 14" square hood behind the saw and I'm lucky if I get 60% of the dust.
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    havnt used a small version of the makita just a ten inch slider model and it was the smoothest operating saw i had used. but i do have a solid non sliding hitachi that gets regular shop use and was on the job site prior to that and is still going strong.
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    Another vote for the DeWalt 8 1/2" (DW712). Packed full of features for it's size. Dust collection, well, there just ain't none.

    If you have a bunch of $ to spend. Festool Kapex?

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    I have owned two Bosch CSMS....add the compound miter guage finder thingy and you are all set. This is from both shop and field experience, I am sold on Bosch for life.

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    I recently purchased the makita 10 inch. Its a beautiful thing.

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    My Hitachi CF8B is about 20 years old, and has been virtually bulletproof. Most reliable tool I've ever owned. Had to re-alighn it - ONCE - about five years ago. Wore out two sets of motor brushes, and other than that it's received no maintenance. It just goes and goes.
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