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Thread: Acoustic Guitar

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    Acoustic Guitar

    Hi all I'm just a newbie here and with my wood craft, but building my guitar has
    certainly shown me that given time and a little help from a master luthier "Dave King" and his articles in Guitar and bass magazine the most difficult of tasks can be accomplished. Yes I made a few boboos along the way but managed to rise above them and now I look at the finished project and am amazed that I actually have a guitar to be proud of and it sounds as good as it looks. I have a Gibson J200 which I bought way back in 1965 it must be feeling a little put out hanging on it's rack as I ignore it for the younger kid on the block.
    I'll put a few more pics in my album but here's one to be going on with.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails guitar16.jpg   guitar17.jpg   guitar18.jpg   guitar20.jpg  

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    I don't know nothing about guitars but that is one beautiful guitar.

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    That's a beauty for your first guitar!! Is the body maple? BTW, welcome to the forum!

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    Welcome ! That is sure a beautiful job. I'd like to try one of those myself one day.
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    That's gorgeous, Alan. Whether it's number 1 or number 100, you did a beautiful job on it. I'm another of those "one of these days I'm gonna build a guitar" guys, too.
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    Very nice guitar! I'm sure you'll enjoy playing it for a very long time!
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    If that is your first guitar, I got to ask if you are related to Drew, the guy that turns perfect eggs on his knees on his new lathe before he got a stand built

    Very nice work Alan, I can't play the guitar to save my life, but I can appreciate a well made instrument.

    Thanks for sharing the pics with us!
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    Welcome Alan, that is a great guitar, especially for a first I ditto the "one of these days I'll build a guitar" idea. Although I think I'll start with an electric because I heard it's easier So that being said too, really points out that you did an excellent job! Did you find it difficult to cut all of the frets in their proper places?

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    Well done Alan!!! great wood also. Thanks for sharing. I have a Gibson B45 from around the same time and it see's the back seat also, only due to I can't remember how to play it much :P

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    Well Alan you come to right forum for showing your guitar there are a number of guys here that have that passion. Thats a real nice guitar you have there.

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