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Thread: Ponderosa Pine bowl

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    Ponderosa Pine bowl

    I haven't turned much pine and after turning this I'm not sure if I'll turn much more. But this sure made my garage smell good while I was working on it. This bowl is Ponderosa Pine, 11.5" x 2.5" and finished with Briwax. The dark areas in the grain are some kind of resin, very hard, and somewhat translucent. The wood came from a tree in our town that was in the yard of an old landmark home that was recently torn down for "progress". The owners have asked me to make a few things for them from the wood. After turning a few things from this sticky, gooey wood I know why you don't see a lot of pine turnings.
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    I have only turned a couple of bowls of pine. Yours is a beauty. Thanks for sharing.

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    It looks like what we call pitch pine. Full of resin and really messes the lathe and tools up though as you said the smell is great. I have turned it once. hat was enough though I do turn other pines as it is readily available recycling things. Very soft and tends to rip a lot.

    The bowl has to be worth the effort this once, it is a lovely graining in it and the simple shape lets the wood speak for itself.


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    Beautiful Curt !
    Don Orr

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    Looks good from here, Curt. Even though it's not wood you're likely to turn in the future, I'm sure this bowl will be special to the owners of the tree.
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    Beautifull bowl Curt well done

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