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Thread: I hate Gorilla Glue

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    I hate Gorilla Glue

    I really hate Gorilla Glue.
    #1: It doesn't keep. Expensive and usually a one use deal for a bottle.
    #2: See #1.

    Had to use some for a special project today. Nothing else seemed to work. The bottle had been used once but had become 99% solid. I did squeeze out a couple drops for this use then in the trash it went.
    I would probably have better things to say about it if it were sold in little tiny tubes like some CA.

    #3 reason I hate GG: see #1
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    #4. See #3

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    Gorilla has it uses but cost too much and I am not real fond of it.
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    I've found it keeps OK if I squeeze ALL the air out of the bottle after each use. That said, I don't like the stuff either.
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    See #1

    What a waste of $ IMO
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    I like it when I need it. Buy the size bottle to suit your most recient needs. Also replace the cap asap and when finished squeeze out as much air as possible.

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    ...and store the bottle upside-down in a little corn can that has a bit of mineral spirits at the bottom. The MS keeps moisture (which catalyzes the polyurethane glue) away from the glue.

    Barring the one spectacular event I had with the stuff, I like it for lots of things so I've got a couple half-pint bottles here & there in my shop. Larger bottles are harder to handle.
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    I just use generic-brand polyurethane glue.

    Cyanoacrylate is the worst. The good stuff has maybe a two-month lifespan, tops - and unless you're ordering it from China, it costs a mint.

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    Not to change the topic (too much), but something that may be helpful: I keep cyanoacrylate glue in the freezer. My current tube is probably a year or two old, and still going strong. Glues fine too, on those occasions that I need a drop or two.

    As for PU glue, as others commented, I squeeze out most of the air for storage. Longest I've used a bottle has been around 8 - 10 months, not because the glue set up, but I'd used it all up. That said, I don't like the mess PU glue makes if you get it in places it shouldn't be (fingers being one). Yellow glue works for me, unless the application really needs something else (the gap-filling of PU glue comes in handy sometimes to cover my lack of sawing skills ).


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    I agree......I am now trying a new epoxy glue for a front entry I am designing and building. It is West Sytem is a 2 part system resin + hardner and it can bought with their specially measured pumps (soap like dispensers). I am told the glue itself has a very long shelf life


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