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Thread: Resaw Jig

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    Resaw Jig

    Have been wanting to get those feather boards that you can stack to get mor hight for resawing. Then I got an idea for the bandsaw from a picture I saw that some one had used on a table sae. I just modified it a bit and made all the 15 degree angles,just opposit as they would be for a tablesaw.
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    It's pretty simple, the 1/8 th masonite just acts like a spring to hold the piece against the fence
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    these are a cople of boards that I resawed, one is curly maple I just sawed in half and the other is just some pine that I took about an 1/8th" sliver off. They are fairly uniform and was done with a 1/4" blade. I am sure with my 3/4
    inch resaw blade it would be even better
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    cost was just a few scraps.
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    Cool idea Ron.
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    Thanks a lot Ron, I'll make one for my next project
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