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Thread: another quick jaunt to the spinny side...

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    another quick jaunt to the spinny side...

    had to make a quick run to the spinny side today. not sure how she did it (again), but she managed to mechanically mess up another pen and pencil. in being a nice guy, and wonderful husband (and to keep the peace), i gave her a pen and pencil from the sample set. that kept her quie, er, happy. then i remembered that the sis in law wanted to buy a fountain pen for a friend of her's, so, there went a fountain pen. after a while, i figured that the samples lacked individuality, so i made up new ones from maple, a light colored, but nicely figured wood i can't remember the name of, and walnut. here are the results. i also found out that the pen kits i got from penn state ind, are the same style, but a bit different in sizes of tubes and bushings, than the ones i got locally. i now have those on order. wormy devils...
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    They all look great Dan!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stuart Ablett View Post
    They all look great Dan!
    I agree. Good stuff, Dan.
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    Yup, nice stuff
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    Really nice pens. Well done.
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