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Thread: LSOs Browser Time Outs

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    LSOs Browser Time Outs

    Just some FYI for everyone, this may be old hat for some, but I'd not heard of it before.............

    For those who do not know about Flash cookies, more properly referred to as Local Shared Objects (LSO), they operate in a similar way to regular browser cookies but are stored outside the purview of your browser, meaning you cannot delete them from within your browser, whether Safari, Firefox, Opera or any other. Typically they are issued from sites or 3rd party sites that contain Adobe Flash content. Since virtually all internet advertising is delivered in Flash, Google/Doubleclick and all other internet advertising companies are sure to be tracking your browsing behavior with Flash cookies. These companies can see you traverse the Internet as you come upon the plethora of sites that contain their embedded advertising.
    I have found that recently my browsers, Firefox on Windoze, and Safari on the Mac, have been getting a lot of time outs. They would be very slow to load. We use ADSL which is fast, and not of the machines are that old, nor do they have a lack of CPU or RAM, all of them also have lots of space on the HDD. I run various spyware and such programs on the Windoze machines at least once a month, and none of them were coming up with anything, then I heard about this LSO thing over at The WoodWorks. I installed a add on to FireFox called >> Better Privacy << and for the Mac, I installed >> Flush << Both have worked as advertised and now my browsers load up very fast.

    Just an FYI for you all.

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    You can also control LSOs by going straight to Adobe's Global Settings Manager, here:
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    Well we will see. I just added it. Thanks Stu

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    Thanks Stu,,, I will give it a try..

    Hoping all is well in Japan. It is very cold here today. I guess I will build a fire in the shop stove. Need to finish a few projects.


    Edited : Ran Flush -- I removed several hundred cookies..
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    Thanks Stu. Just added it as well.
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