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Thread: A Lego table to go with the chairs and drawing table that I made last year

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    A Lego table to go with the chairs and drawing table that I made last year


    Last Christmas I made a drawing table and two chairs for my 4 year old granddaughter Jamie. I layer made two additional chairs for her older sisters Brooke and Leah. All this is described in the thread:

    I made Leah a small Duplo/Lego table when she turned 2 (7 years ago). It was made from this model: Attachment 40259 that I found in a Reader's Digest published book.

    That table has always been very popular, but lately Leah has refused to let let younger sisters play with it least they modify (or even wreck) something that she has just designed.

    So I decided to make a bigger communal Lego table for the three girls for Christmas.

    The Project:

    The Lego table was made the same height as the drawing table and the construction technique that I used is much the same for the two tables. The Lego table is both longer and wider than the drawing table

    First, a large removable panel was constructed by gluing 6 15 inch by 15 inch base plates (purchased from Lego via the internet) to a 12 mm thick piece of plywood. Attachment 40260

    The top of the table itself was made slightly (about 3mm in each direction) longer and wider than the removeable panel. It was edged with a maple rim. Here, a portion of the rimAttachment 40261 is being glued and screwed to the table top:

    The table legs were made from maple scrap. Here, one of the legs is being tapered: Attachment 40262

    Pocket hole screws were used to attach to legs to the skirts and then to attach the leg/skirt assembly to the table top. Attachment 40263 Attachment 40264

    The completed table was painted white and green. The lego panel peice is attached to the table with 4 home-made clips (painted red). Attachment 40265

    I built it this way should one of the girls want to use the table for some other purpose in the future.
    Cheers, Frank

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    Frank, I always enjoy the projects you make for your grandchildren. You set the bar high for us grandparents with shops. That is one cool table and idea. I was waiting to hear how you routed the table top so the legos fit!!!! When my grandson gets older and into legos, this will be a project to complete. Thanks for the great idea!!
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