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Thread: if you only get one gift this holiday........

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    if you only get one gift this holiday........

    what would you wish/hope for?(Im taking it you were all good and deserving of at least one gift, no matter who brings it to your house, or how its delivered, Santa, ups, pony express, pickup truck, etc...)and so what its a childish question.
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    Not allowed to post Religious answers ---- so I will be selfish and say that I need to have a miracle which would give me much better health -- pain along with depression is not much fun...
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    still sings!

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    Like Paul, good health. I too live with pain everyday. I have finally gotten past the depression, however. Hang in there Paul. It can be done. If you want to PM me for an uncensored conversation you are more than welcome to do so. Maybe I can help.

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    Personal satisfaction, a sense of.
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    materialistic junk means nothing when pain and depression become an everyday event. Im with you guys on this. I dont expect any miracles, but Im putting myself into treatment right after new years hoping I can get my holiday wish to be pain free.
    AFter that, a weekend away at a beach somewhere would be nice.

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    Top of my list: A job.
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    Gee, I'm feeling kinda bad because my first thought after reading the question was a 1967 Camaro RS convertible.

    But I guess I'll go instead with the whole good health thing instead...

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    I would wish for good health for everyone.

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    assuming "selfish" ww'ing , then I'll go with a Sawstop PCS !
    There's usually more than one way to do it... ........

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    Aside from world peace and all that, one of Jeff's kayak kits.

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