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Thread: Fridays here again so whacha got planned

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    Fridays here again so whacha got planned

    I'll be in the shop. I got one project I just haveta get done for delivery be4 christmas. Bother in law and his wife are comming up from Tucson today, LOML's gonna fix prime Rib for dinner. They'll go back sometime tomarrow.
    So what are yall gonna do this last weekend before Christmas.
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    let's see, basking in the glory of the moderate success of the craft show the last 2 days, doing the motor transplant on the drill press, resting, plotting, and planning items to make, and showing up at don's for dinner...
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    Leaving in the a.m. for Christmas in Colorado with our daughter. We will stop one night in a small town motel in Kansas where the aroma of feed lots fills the air. We will be back in time for New Years. Will check back here a couple times today, but after that will spend minimal time on the 'puter.
    Merry Christmas, y'all.
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    My daughter has a christmas program tonight. Tomorrow I WILL finish some bottle stoppers for gifts, probably some shopping and then out to celebrate a some friends anniversary. Sunday I hope to clean the garage a little so I can get back in there to do some work again.
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    I work tomorrow morning, off at noon. LOML driving a dog to west texas to hand off, so will be gone all day, which means I have dog duty during the afternoon for the remaining 6. The way I feel today, I doubt I'll be in the shop much. Sinus drainage has my throat all torn up. Want to clean up some and move the contractor saw to it's new position, turn the dust port on it 90 degrees clockwise, and plumb it back in. We'll see if I feel good enough to do that or not. Jim.
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    Saw a simple Shaker inspired shelf unit that could be modified to fit an annoying shaped spot in LOML's bath/vanity area. I may try to knock it out over the weekend and give it as a stocking stuffer for Christmas. Beyond that, wrap the last few gifts and start on a couple new items . . . have to pick . . . hmm.
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    I was going to do my last Holiday Market in downtown K'ville, but from the looks of the weather, think I might stay home and just hibernate... it's raining now and predicted to rain through Sunday or maybe turn to heavy wet snow tomorrow and Sunday..

    Sunday there's FOOTBALL!

    Edit: Woke up this morning to overcast but clear day... almost wish I hadn't canceled the show for today...only almost though.. prediction is for mid afternoon rain and snow mix.... They got slammed on the north side of Knoxville and eastward, but nothing our way - YET.

    There's still FOOTBALL tomorrow.
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    Probably have to work all weekend just to get everythign at work buttoned up so I can take a little time off next week. The new boss doesn't like people carrying over vacation, so I either have to take it or lose it. The irony of working all weekend before I go on vacation is not lost on me.

    Hopefully after that I'll be able to get the camper ready to do a little trip and after that I'll do some work on my vast list of unfinished projects.
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    Grand daughters bed is all made just gotta start the finishing. While its drying I'll start the highchair for my other granddaughter. I was going to use maple but will use cherry instead. (just because I don't have any maple).
    I've played around with making a few pens for the first time.
    Will probably try a few more.
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    X-mas party for my wifes work tonight and final assembly and staining on my granddaughters cradles with pic to follow soon there after

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