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Thread: better late than never

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    better late than never

    So I've been around a while and haven't gotten around to posting any pics of my "shop". Although it isn't what you all are used to in terms of shop tours.... I'm gonna post anyways because its where I spend a good deal of crafty time.... even if not wood crafting (besides you've already seen Chuck's shop and that where the wood stuff happens... to dusty for my space )

    Here is the outside.... did I mention my shop used to be a home for horses? She moved out and took them with her and the barn was re-purposed and much improved It is sort of hard to see in the pic but there are custom iron dragonflies that are the corner support brackets for the entry roof. Some day when I learn how to do leaded stained glass I am going to glass in their wings.

    This is the front counter area

    This is the China cabinet that you san see from the first pic and the right (south) side of the seating area

    This is the rest of the seating area (that awesome purple chair actually goes to the renaissance faires with us

    The purple chair again with the glass display case

    Glass display case with behind the counter/stairs area

    This is inside the glass case from the right side

    This is inside the the right half of the case from the top

    This is inside the the left half of the case from the top

    This is inside the glass case from the left side

    My jewelry display... custom made cases that fold up and latch for easy transportation.. Chuck really should go into the "vending display" business

    Jewelry display (with Bob the cannon) and cutting boards display

    Cutting board display area with Happy the suit of armor.

    My work room from the doorway that Happy gaurds

    My work table covered in creative inspiration *stuff*

    A larger view of the workshop area.... from the side that is taken up by the air hockey table =)

    Custom built glass rack (there envelopes have glass in them), glass grinder, boxes of beads.. etc etc etc, essentially the parts area of my work room

    Wow.... that took a while!
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    Man that is a great way to utilize that there space until you get a couple more horses!!
    Beautiful things abound in that building. Thank you for the tour. Will be showing this to my wife and daughters this weekend. I assume this is a store for your goods?

    God and family, the rest is icing on the cake. I'm so far behind, I think I'm in first place!


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    No more horses.. I'm not a horse person. Don't get me wrong, they are pretty to look at... in some one else's yard

    It is indeed where we have our stuff for sale, and where I make jewelry pieces and stained glass and other non-wood kind of things. Upstairs (no pics of that) is where Chuck and I got married. It is a large central room that holds all of our faire garb (that's clothes or what you mundane people would call costumes ) and off the back is a short space (there is a small covered area off the back of the barn, we call it the bump) that I use for a meditation room.
    The whole place has a really amazing feel that can't really be conveyed in pics.... warmth, happiness... just plain good vibes =)
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    Nice shop and a wonderful tour. Thanks.

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    That is one nice store Kalea I love the way it is all put together. I dream of a work area for my organ work just like yours. Some Day

    It just looks so warm and inviting and your work is beautiful.

    Thanks for showing it to us


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    Thanks for the tour KaLea. Looks like a great space.
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    Thanks for showing us around Kalea, and the warmth and happiness that you mention does distill from the pics very vividly.
    Best regards,

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    I also dream of a shop with north light where my hands can be busy, my soul rest and my mind wander...

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    Looks like a very nice and tranquil place. Lot's of cool inventory as well

    Just wondering if late at night Happy ever freaks you out?
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    last night I was out there late shooting pics.... I had just gotten done with all I decided I was going to do for the night and the power went out.... I can tell you THAT was a little scary, not cause Happy was there lurking in the dark... but who knows what else was!
    Also have to note that when the power goes out at 11:30 on a moonless night and you have just spent 2+hours staring up close and personal at two 100watt lights.... it is VERY VERY dark for at least 10 minutes until your eye adjust!
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    Thanks for the tour. Great store.
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