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Thread: how NOT to brush snow off of your truck

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    how NOT to brush snow off of your truck

    1. Open front door of house; note that 8" of fluffy white snow fell last night.
    2. slog through snow to truck since you're late to an apppointment.
    3. open door, put truck in neutral and push in clutch, start truck
    4. hope that wipers are off, as you are reaching for snow brush
    5. note that only one wiper arm is moving, realize that you were hoping in vain.
    6. mutter loudly, curse, and turn off wipers
    7. get snow brush, clean off windshield, and see if you can salvage wiper arm.
    8. realize that you're now really late to appt, and just drive the darn truck as is.
    9. after appt, call dealership (note, I normally think, stealership, but found a Dealer today) who is a) open on saturday and b) can look at your wiper.
    10. drive to same
    11. hand over keys, show service manager that yes, indeed the arm is not working (reach over and sweep it back and forth a couple of times when truck is not running.)
    12. go inside, get cup of coffee, kick tires on a new SUV, read sticker and quietly return to waiting area
    13. look up when service mgr says you're all set, and explains that it was just a simple repair, no charge.
    14. pick up jaw, thank him profusely and plan on sheduling repairs at this dealership from now on.
    15. head for home

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    Now.....that is EXACTLY how to make and keep a customerfor life. That's exactly how my dad ran his body shops and any of the dealership bodyshops that he managed. And I believe that's why his shops were always the busiest in town.

    WTG and congrats Ned...keep that phone number in your spped dial.

    BTW, how did the appointment turn out?
    Thanks, Mark.

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    That's really great Ned.

    We've dealt with the same dealer since '96. Happens to be a GM dealer. Their service department is what keeps us coming back. Fair, honest and will work around your schedule.

    They will also transport you to work or, in my case have a loaner car available when I have the vehicle in for more than an oil change. I've never had to wait more than an hour for an oil change.


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    It sure is nice to see people appreciate what we do at dealership service departments sometimes. I needed to hear those comments!! THANKS! Jim.
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    the appt went well, I got my ears lowered, long overdue.
    It was really a small thing, but I will go back without question. The stealership where I bought the truck is not as friendly as they were there, and I'm sure that while we still live in NY I'll go where I was treated so well today.

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    I've dealt with a few shops that were like that, and they always had me as a loyal customer because of it.

    Years ago I limped a diesel Chevy pickup into the Chevy dealer in Show Low Arizona, with the engine making a terrible racket. When I drove up, the service manager came running out waving his arms for me to shut it down, since he was convinced I'd thrown a rod. He was a bit backlogged, and said he wouldn't be able to open up the engine for a few days, so I rented a car and went ahead with my work in Whiteriver, a few towns away. I fully expected to be buying a new engine for the truck. Several days later, I got a call saying the truck was ready to be picked up. Turns out a flywheel bolt had come loose and was banging around. Total bill was $50. He knew I was an out-of-towner and could have charged me just about anything, but instead he charged me for an hour of diagnostic time. I sure know I wouldn't be willing to open up a Chevy 4x4 pickup enough to tighten the flywheel for just $50.
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