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Thread: Backgammon Doubler

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    Backgammon Doubler

    A co-worker and his family are extreemly competative (read Rabid) backgammon players.

    He wanted something different to use for his doubling cube.

    He came up with the design. I made them out of Bubinga. They are 3 inches across the flats and 2 inches thick, finished with Shellac

    I had the numbers and letters laser engraved, (wish I had Darren Wright's CNC Router, that laser stuff isn't cheap!)

    The 8 sided one is a Christmas gift for his parents, and the 6 sided is for himself.

    Hope everyone here at FWW has a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!
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    Aw man...those pretty little bowl blanks will never be all that they could be. Such a loss, and it's all for some silly dice game.

    The doublers both look great, Dan. I'll bet they get lots of good use.
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