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Thread: Harbor Freight HVLP 93305

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    Harbor Freight HVLP 93305

    I just bought one to spray in areas my cup gun cant get to. Does anyone here own one? The instructions are way way off and missing a bunch of info. I would like to use it tomorrow if possible, but Tech Support dont work on weekends.

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    I've got one, but I haven't pushed any liquids through it yet...
    -- Tim --

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    What kind of ??? Tony

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jay Caughron View Post
    What kind of ??? Tony
    I cant figure out how to operate it. The instruction manual doesnt actually tell you how to set up to spray or anything. Even the assembly instructions are wrong, not to mension that they say if your material is too thin, add more thinner.
    There is no sequence of what to do and no explanation or even mension of some of the adjustments.
    The one I bought the other day leaked air from the cup and fluid from the fluid line. I returned it today and swapped it out. The new one dont leak so that is a plus.
    I am also on my 2nd Earlex 5000 I bought from Woodcraft about 2 months ago. It started leaking again today. After wrestling and screwing up my weekend to get something out the door, I ended up using my old standby Harbor Freight $20 sprayer and another HF gun - a $14 touch-up gun i bought today to get the job done. Friday, Saturday and today were pretty much lost to Fooliing with guns.
    I am going to cal HF tech support tomorrow morning and get their gun running. Tues we are heading to Ms, for the holidays and I will have to go almost an hour out of my way to Woodcraft to get the gun swapped out again. I want the old gun money refunded and a new receipt for the new gun. One more problem and I am done with Earlex.

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    And people wonder why I switched to wipe on finishes..
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