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Thread: Quick Overhead Storage - a recap

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    Quick Overhead Storage - a recap

    I think I have shown these in previous threads but just in case; another forum was discussing overhead storage. I happened to be doing some repair on a front door yesterday which means I needed my seldom used long clamps.

    They live in these super-simple quick-racks that will hang almost anywhere you have something to screw them into.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    They come down just as fast so they can be temporary to provide some room during a particular project.

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    They are a modification of this lumber holding area I have. I pre-select boards for a project(s) and stash them here. It keeps them close at hand and I can return rough sized boards to this rack till it is time to final size them. This keeps me from laying near-ready parts all over the shop and dinging one thereby expanding my already colorful vocabulary with new and exciting word combinations worthy of a 12 year old. I originally put them up to handle some overflow but they have never come back down. I just rotate stuff in and out of them as I do projects.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    They look flimsy but have been in service for years.
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