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Thread: No Such Thing as a Free Lunch

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    No Such Thing as a Free Lunch

    I am off till after the first but LOML had to work today. She asked me to come out to her work and she would buy me lunch. Sounds great, I had to head that way to drop off some presents anyway. Lunch was great and it gave her a nice break in her day (she usually eats at her desk).

    Unfortunately I had to pass a Rockler on my way back to the freeway. . . . a hundred bucks later I made it out of the store. As I was checking out, the person running the register says "You've got your coupon, right?". I said, I was sure I had one somewhere, which one? She says "I'll just give you the discount, I know you've got it somewhere, you always do".

    When did I become so predictable?
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    Quote Originally Posted by glenn bradley View Post

    When did I become so predictable?
    The day you said, "I do".
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    Real good one that Glenn. Way to go.

    Actually its the season of giving so they get kinder. I was buying a gift yesterday for LOML at Sears. I have always found their staff excellent especially at this one store near us. Anyhow get to the counter and the lady says ya know you could save $10 bucks if you used a Sears card. Said i dont have one. She said you want one we can do it right away. No problem 2 minutes later i have the card and the saving, then before she has even rung up the goods the other cashier says Eh and dont forget the coupons he can get another $20 on that lot. I says what coupons, then the other cashier comes over after leaving her work and says dont worry we got them in the draw, here you are. So from a start of zero i ended up with a $30 saving. Now thats service to me. And they gave me more coupons if i wanted to come back for something else. I was also buying goods that were all marked down.

    Just love it when you get a deal like that.

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