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Thread: Portable Planer Height

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    Portable Planer Height

    I am planning to start a new planer stand tomorrow -the planer is a Makita 2012NB - 12" wide. It is going to be a cabinet of drawers. I don't like the present height as the feed table is 21" off the floor. I think in the range of 30" would be easier on the back. Is there a reason to keep the planer low? I know some people mount them on work mates which seems to be a good height.

    I appreciate the help.

    Also, I am building a similar stand for my Ridgid Oscillating Belt/Spindle sander. It is going to be about 33" with the locking casters. I will post pictures in progress tomorrow. I have the carcase put together and material squared for the face frame.
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    Mine's just high enough so that the board clears most of the other machines in my shop. If my floor were flat, I'd make the stand the right height to use the table saw as an infeed surface.

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    Once I get the table built for the back of my table saw, I thought I would put my portable planer on a moveable platform that would allow me to put the planer in front of the table saw, utilize the dust collection port as well as electrical connection. Then as the wood comes out of the planer, it glides onto the table saw onto the cutoff table. Thus less need for more stuff in my little shop. Will be watching to see what others ideas are, mine is subject to change if others can convince me of a better way.

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    Here is a picture of mine. The infeed and out feed are about 35" high which is very comfortable for me. Just like using the table saw.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Ran out of material for the bottom drawer and the drawer fronts but once I start the kitchen I'll enough scrap to finish.

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    I have my planer on a table that is 36" and that seems to work fine fir me. I'm 5'10". I also set my Ridge drum/belt sander on the same table. This works fine for small peices, but for larger stuff I would like it lower around the 40-42" range.

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    Like Bill, I set up my fliptop stand to place the planer feed just above the height of the tablesaw which is the reference height for almost everything in the shop.
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    My Dewalt planer sits on a 34" high table... which I think puts it a little above waist high for me.

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    My planer is at tablesaw height, because my planer is usually sitting on the tablesaw when I'm using it. Either that or on a Workmate that's quite a bit lower.

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    MInes on a fixed stand at 38". Keeps me from bending and saves the back.
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    Another vote for the planner table height to just clear the table saw. Makes a great outfeed table.

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