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Thread: Which one

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    Which one

    Have a few dollars to spend and need some help here. Wife says no more tools after this, until I actually build something. Guess you could call me more of a tool collector. Not that I don't want to build something, but just don't know how.

    Anyway I figure I will need a jointer or planer. Not sure what would be best. Planer I would have to figure out how to build a sled I guess, not sure there. and figure I could joint on my tablesaw, which would require another jig of some sort I have no clue how to build. Jointer from what Ive read I could just do it all in one pop, but will have to get a used one and most likely won't be more than a 6". I know I need alot of other things, but I guess I better build something with what I have or according to the wife I am not getting anything else. lol Any help is appreciated.

    Short list I have is Ridgid 3650 tablesaw, Dewalt DCMS, Small router, a few small clamps, dust collection and that is about it.

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    I'd get a planer. Like you said you can always use you table saw for edge joining.
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    I'd go with a jointer myself. You can always buy boards that are the thickness you want. With a jointer you can joint a glue edge, take out minor cupping, and plane to thickness. Although that has always made me a bit nervous. I know of 2 guys that put the knives into their palm while doing it.
    I'm sure all the experts here will have better reasons this is just my opinion. I'd shop around on Craigs list. You could probably buy both used for the price of 1 new one.

    Oh ya, lots more clamps.
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    Well you don't need either of them to build things.
    I would start with doing a few projects to find out what you do need for tools.
    You my find that what you really need is a drill press, or a router table or a bandsaw.
    So go forth into the world by some wood and make something.
    If you don't know what to make, build a bird house or a bird feeder, maybe even one of each. Just have fun and do it.
    After you get a few project under your belt you'll know or have a better idea what would make the projects your doing easier.
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    >>Wife says no more tools after this, until I actually build something
    Sorry I can't help as I'm new myself, but - hahaha - my wife told me pretty much the same after I bought my tablesaw ...


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    Make a simple router table & you can use it to edge joint.

    You might even get a Block plane & #4, #5 hand plane & learn how to fettle them & get them nice & sharp & learn how to use them as well as some sharp chisels & a mallet.
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    I was a tool collector until I took a basic woodworking class, one semester long, at one of the local adult schools. I learned how to use the machinery safely. I was a tool collector because I was afraid to use them. I’d put your money towards some learning.

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    Both Chucks gave you good advice. I had a production shop building limited production furniture for about 20 years and to this day have never had a jointer I got a good enough edge for gluing straight off the table saw you just need a good quality combo blade. If you think you need one or the other go with planer but as others have said you can build a lot of project with out ether I made stuff for the tole painters for 3 years before I bought a portable planer.

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    Jointers make one surface flat (they also edge joint but you can do that many other says). Planers use that flat surface to make a board an equal thickness. If I could only have one I would get a planer.

    A planer sled will allow a planer to face joint and your table saw (or router or router table or hand plane) can edge joint for you. A jointer doesn't plane and dimensional stock bought at the BORG isn't flat. Get a planer, build a sled. You will get more bang for your "last" bucks. ;-)
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    Jointing and planing wood for a few projects can be done right at the local yard you buy the wood.
    For 30-50 cents a bf, you can probably have the lumber you choose surfaced(planed) and jointed
    Things may be different down the road for you with machine purchases, but for now, it sounds like this might be a good option.
    Alot of yards and places offer certain species already surfaced, like red oak or poplar. Look around and find the right place, build something.


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